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graphic design by  Tariq Heijboer

graphic design by Tariq Heijboer

Dell'Uomo - Marinus Boezem
28.06.18 - 05.08.18
Gorky Park Museum (RU)

In the summer of 2018, the first Russian exhibition of Marinus Boezem’s work took place in, around and even on top of the Gorky Park Museum in the centre of Moscow. Dell’Uomo, Italian for ‘about man’, was a narrative about how people relate to their environment. The title of the exhibition refers to Boezem’s entire body of work since most of his research focuses on mankind and how people think in terms of opposites, how they categorise, schematise, label, measure and map things. The environment is divided into small manageable pieces that can be understood and controlled. In most of his work, Boezem draws on the systems that people use to get a grip on the world around them. By working with elusive and ephemeral materials like air, wind and space itself, Boezem puts these systems to the test.

The six artworks displayed in Dell’Uomo demonstrate that not everything can be captured into neat categories because things have their own form of existence, one that often denies possession and control and so remains beyond our grasp. In a time where it becomes increasingly clear what our negative impact is on the world around is, both politically, socially, economically and environmentally, Dell’Uomo holds a mirror up to visitors. The exhibition questions the idea of man as the master and owner of their environment and in doing so adds to the growing criticism of the Western Enlightenment beliefs that underpins how we act.

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