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First Person

graphic design by  Tariq Heijboer

graphic design by Tariq Heijboer

First Person
23.11.17 - 02.12.17

First Person presented the work of eight contemporary Russian artists, born in the last decade of the Soviet Union and grown up in post-soviet space. The exhibition offered cross-media experiences through multiple human en nonhuman first-person perspectives, spread over three locations: Magazijn, Skatecafe, and the ferry connecting Amsterdam Central Station and IJplein.

Artists: Alexey Buldakov, Sara Culmann, Anastasia Potemkina, Kirill Savchenkov, Andrey Shental, Alexey Taruts, Protey Temen, Hanna Zubkova

initiator, curator (together with Daria Kravchuk)